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Pokemon GX

"Hi, we're crazy!"

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I told gothmoth we gotta figure out what to put in this info, and her response was "Hi, we're crazy!", and while that pretty much sums it up, it doesn't quite explain it. XD The best way to do so would be to swipe this line from gothmoth's Pokemon GX fic: "So, essentially, the premise is that everyone is a Pokemorph and that at school, instead of some card game, they fight each other with their moves and powers."

Anyone who wants to join and contribute fanart (Hee, fanart of fanart XD), then by all means, go for it, we'd love to see it. XD

Here's our cast of characters.

Oh yeah. And we're evil, and use dub names. Cower in fear. (And take your dub bashing elsewhere, if you hate it, too bad for you.)

To contact us, add x2labyrinth at hotmail dot com to your list on msn.